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waste oil burner nozzles available

updated thu 9 feb 06


Paul B on wed 8 feb 06

i have a friend with an extra pair of waste oil burner nozzles, brand new,
that he needs to sell for about $50/pair. They can be installed on any
standard home heating oil (#2 diesel) furnace burners along with the proper
adapters and be used to burn any kind of waste oil (vegetable oil, motor
oil, ATF )cleanly and VERY hot - hotter than gas, in fact. Setup is a bit
of a project and requires at least a few hundred dollars and some
scrounging around but it pays for itself pretty fast. It also requires a
source of compressed air, enough to maintain 15-20 psi continually, as the
air is used to help atomize the oil and creates a "siphon" effect
(basically a venturi effect)to help draw the oil into the nozzles, and it
also provides another source of primary air which is very critical to
burning waste oil cleanly. Most commercially made waste oil furnaces, which
is what most mechanics use to heat their shops, use siphon nozzles because
shop air is readily available and these types of nozzles generally are less
prone to clogging than standard pressure-feed nozzles.
And of course it requires a reliable source of waste oil, preferably
vegetable oil, but in most parts of the country this is very easy to obtain.
Anyone interested can check out this page on my site, which has some basic
info about my waste oil burners:

If you are interested in the nozzles, contact me privately and i will give
you the info on the person who has them for sale.
I just finished the sixth firing to cone 11 with these burners in my 70
cu.ft. kiln, i am getting somewhere between 300,00 to 400,000 btu's per
hour per burner with these, perhaps even more. All i can say is that it
took some work, but i have already done most of the trouble shooting and
could make life a lot easier for anyone else interested in this; and i will
never fire with gas again, thats for sure. I have at least 600 gallons of
veg oil stored here and generally haul in at least a couple hundred gallons
per month.
let me know if you want more info.
Paul Borian
Blanket Creek Pottery
Falmouth, Ky