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clayart digest - 7 feb 2006 to 8 feb 2006 (#2006-37)

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Jackie Shaw on thu 9 feb 06


I have begun working with a porcelain pouring slip. This has been a
challenge, but I finally bit the bullet and bought a hydrometer. There =
one weird problem that I am experiencing. When I am pouring the slip =
out of
the mold after it has developed the desired thickness I have a dificult
time getting the slip to slide out, i have to insert a stick into the
opening, only then will it start to flow. When I open the mold the next =
the round shape that I am trying to achieve has a dented in side.

Someone thought that the slip and mold were building up a suction. Can
anyone help me with this?

RE: Porcelain Slip Problem=20
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2006 20:16:25 -0800
Subject: pouring slip

Your "someone" is right. You are getting the result of a vacuum in your
Instead of a stick, use a straw to blow air into the mold as the slip is
flowing out. This will prevent the vacuum from forming and sucking the =
of the porclain object away from the mold causing your dent.

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