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clayart gallery nceca 2007 louisville update

updated thu 16 feb 06


Billie Mitchell on wed 15 feb 06

Update on the NCECA Clayart 2007 Show..

The judges have made their choices, and the announcements have been sent out to those of you who have been accepted to the NCECA 2007 first annual
Clayart Show:

Cyberclay: An Online Community of Clay Artists

Nan and I feel we have an exceptional show.

The names of the judges will be announced when we announce the acceptance by the NCECA 2007 board. Our utmost appreciation goes to our judges for volunteering to do such a awesome job. Judging one's peers is a difficult task, and there were so many quality pieces. Thank you judges!

The proposal has been submitted to the board and they have extended the deadline for applications, but they said that it will be after NCECA 2006, possibly in April, before they announce the winners.

We also secured a new gallery in Louisville willing to open their space for our show and submitted that with our application, to hopefully give our show
an extra edge.

We will be sending out more updated information as it comes.

We would also like to thank each of you who summited work.

Thank you all,

Billie Mitchell
Nan Kitchens