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e/wood fired kiln

updated wed 15 feb 06


mel jacobson on tue 14 feb 06

i think most any fuel kiln can be fired to
any temp you wish to work it.
same for: why fire electric kilns to cone 10?..silly in my view.

why not fire wood to cone 6?
works just fine.
you will get pots that look much like
a gas firing.
fly ash etc will not mean much to you.
diana pancoli would love to have her new cone
6 pallet fired in to her.
it is a natural testing platform. serious work is the answer.
and, you can do that. you are a serious potter.

i still like putting glazed pots in a wood fired
kiln, same for salt.
the added dimension of ash, heat, work time
just enhances my glazes. my work does
not reflect `wood fired quality`.
i don't care for it. and, my customers would
scoff at it. `what the hell is this mel? crapo?`
but, they love my glazed work coming from the
wood kiln, or salt.

so. firing a wood fuel kiln to any temp is
sure a go.
it will take far less fuel and time.
should be a natural.
from mel/