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gum solution for brushing glazes

updated fri 17 feb 06


Joe Brecha on thu 16 feb 06

RE: Brushing glazes
The base line mixture that is used to make brushing glazes, using glaze =
receipes that have low amounts of clay (ie 10% kaolin) and no gerstley, =
is as follows: 1 gal H20, 35 gms Macaloid, 35 gm CMC gum. Cut this =
down to the batch size you will need. This solution is used as the only =
liquid for your glaze, use no additional water . It will make the glaze =
flow (like house paint) and make the glaze coat hard. You could =
increase the gum to make it flow better. If you already have a glaze =
that is mixed up in wet form, sprinkle CMC on the surface of the glaze =
leave overnight to allow it to "melt" into the liquid and then mix up. =
If you try to mix right away the CMC may clump. An alternative material =
would be Vee gum Cer, a combination of Vee gum and CMC. Use this =
material as a direct substitute for the Macaloid and CMC. =20
Joe Brecha