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mug footses

updated sat 18 feb 06


Dan Saultman on fri 17 feb 06

Hi Lynne,

I throw on plaster bats. So I throw the bottoms quite thin. I then let
my mugs sit on the bats over night with plastic over them. In the
morning they come off the bats easily. Their bottoms are still moist so
I just push the bottoms in to make a slightly concave effect. I think
this is called "spanking their bottoms".

As for water collecting in the bottoms of mug feet in the dishwasher I
use the Ronco "Foot-sucker-upper" tool invented by Ron Popiel.
Sometimes I wrap each mug in clean underwear and put them in the
clothes dryer for 45 minutes.


> of the sponsors came to my booth and told me that a mug is not
> right unless the foot rim is trimmed. I always have to go through them
> and wipe the water off before unloading. What do you all do?
> Lynne