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positives and negatives on wood firing

updated wed 15 feb 06


Joseph Herbert on tue 14 feb 06

One of the things that David only brushes up against in his reply is the
large amount of work involved in getting a wood firing done. the gathering
and processing of the wood takes a long time, it needs to be dry and the
right sizes, which takes care and labor. then, after the kiln is loaded and
closed, there is an extended period of time, at least a day and sometimes
days, that the kiln requires attention every few minutes. Often wood kilns
are big enough to allow several people to put pots in the firing and then
involved in that extended work. I have heard of some who will fire a wood
kiln alone but I am getting close to 60 years old and just can't do that
kind of thing. The difference between a gas firing and a wood firing is
very large. Before you decide you need a wood kiln, find one and
participate, fully, in a firing. Help gather and split the wood, then
attend the entire firing, staying awake as much as possible, and then decide
if you need one.