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seeking portland area potter to make me a bunch of thick 'bowls'...

updated thu 23 feb 06


Philip Poburka on wed 15 feb 06

Hi all,=20

I am seeking a Portland area Potter to provide me with some simple =
'thick' Bowl-forms to be delivered to my Booth in the "N.C.E.C.A." =
Commercial Exhibition Hall.

This is a paying gig.

If interested, please e-mail me off list of course...

Thank you...!

Philip Poburka

Bison Studios
Las Vegas &c.

Jason Russell on wed 22 feb 06

Hey Philip,
I am a Portland potter and I would be interested in making some bowls for you. I'm new to this
clayart thing and I don't know how to just email you without the whole world seeing our email

Jason Russell