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studios, and exotic locales

updated sat 18 feb 06


primalmommy on thu 16 feb 06

I agree with Stephani. (Or maybe I am just trying to butter her up
before I have to arm wrestle her for the best side of the bed at NCECA.

We don't call my studio a workshop because we already have a workshop,
with a workbench, a bunch of power tools and several honey-do projects
half assembled, waiting for repair. A workshop was where my grandpa went
to fix and build things for the farm. It's where you sharpen lawnmower
blades and squirt WD-40 on things.

My studio is quite crowded and chaotic enough without anyone else using
that space for their own projects. "Studio" means "Potter's space, keep
the heck out -- don't even think about spray painting your pine box
derby car in here."

Besides, I want to get one of those FLAX catalog clocks that says, "Go
to your studio and make things". I'll hang it in the laundry mines.

On another topic -- I am quite envious of those of you who are headed
off for workshops in exotic locations like Italy and Texas. What I know
about Italy has much to do with southern beaches and a moto and a guy
named Antonio, but would not be so useful to traveling potters.

But if you want to larn up on Texas before your visit, Tonio, get to a
library and borry yourself some books by Kinky Friedman. These days I am
perusing "Texas Hold 'Em." He's kind of a rude version of Dave Barry, or
maybe Garrison Keillor drunk, on steroids. But he sums up Texas pretty
well, just judging by the short year I lived outside of Houston.

Kelly in Ohio

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