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surfing with helen bates - february 18 2006 - germany, uk, usa

updated sun 19 feb 06


Helen Bates on sat 18 feb 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - February 18 2006 - Germany, UK, USA

Manfred Braun (Germany) (Born in Windhoek, Namibia)
(Reductionist hand-formed vessels and luminary objects in stoneware and
porcelain in which "less is more") (Techniques are not discussed; the
luminaries appear to be dotted with metallic lustre in some areas while
in others, the dots are thinned to permit the passage of light from
within the object.) (For English text, scroll down the page)

Evan Jones (Dania Beach, FL, USA),1789,HGTV_3240_4122328,00.html
(Stoneware and Earthenware vessels, often very large, even huge,
sometimes with Hand-Twisted Copper handles on the teapot forms. Some
of Jone's work is glazed, but others are finished with gilt or oil
paints, and would appear to be for decorative use only.)

Jan Scott (Horwich, Lancashire, England, UK)
(Functional stoneware that is either slip-cast or built-up of slabs and
oxidation-fired in colourful multiple glazes)

Glasshouse Gallery (Truro, Cornwall, England, UK)
(Some interesting work by artists: John Bedding, Dan Chapple, Mark
Compton, Sarah Dunstan, Christine Gittins, Sam Hall, Karen Harrison,
Tamasine Holman, Barry Huggett, Svein Hjorth-Jensen, Sarah-Jane Lander,
Stephanie Pace, Simon Rich, Debbie Sayers, Andy Sheppard, Roelof Uys,
Motoko Wakana, Hugh West)

Lise B Moorcroft Lustreware (Cranleigh, Surrey, England, UK)
(The online gallery that market's Lise's work is owned by Julia von
Bertele and Jennifer M Smith. Lise, who is the only direct descendant
of the pottery Moorcrofts still working in the pottery field, now
concentrates on the lustre decoration of the pots. She employs a
30-year veteran thrower, Kevin Millward, who also volunteers at the
Gladstone Pottery Museum in Stoke-on-Trent:


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Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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