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low fire/food safety question

updated mon 20 feb 06


Jodi Henderson on sun 19 feb 06

Can someone out there help me clarify some things about low-fire and food safe ware.
I attended a glaze workshop at a larger studio in which we were told that since earthenware isn't fully vitrified, it isn't really food safe, though the low fire glaze may say that it is food safe. If the glaze cracks or crazes, there are openings for bacteria to get in & grow in the unvitrified ware.
That makes sense to me.
My questions are about paint-your-own bisqueware. There are many little stop in and paint a piece type places & all the ones I've been to or seen on line say it's food safe. If my studio owner wants to have a small paint your own area, can I just use glazes that will go to ^ 6 and fire it to stoneware temp. so that it is vitrified, or will that poured bisqueware only fire to low glaze temps.?
Also, if they only low fire, how can they claim their stuff is food safe?
Confused outside Atlanta,