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2006 stay-at-home clayart exchange: last call

updated tue 21 feb 06


Carole Fox on mon 20 feb 06

This is the last call for the stay-at-home clayart exchange. If you're
not going to NCECA and haven't yet signed up, but would like to, please
read the rules at the link below and send me the requested info. I need
to receive your information by end of day Thursday to get you on the
list. (How about it, Vince? Dolita? Lili?)

Also, if for whatever reasons you had signed up but will not be able to
deliver a clay thingy, now is the time to let me know. If I take your
name off the list before I pair you with a partner, there's no harm, no

Here=92s a link to the archives with the complete set of instructions:

Please contact me off list if you have any questions.

Carole Fox
Dayton, OH