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thumb stops and mug foots/ fat men in heels...nice bottom

updated tue 21 feb 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 20 feb 06

Mugsies and... - Now, 'dead-flat Bottoms'...

Hi Dan,

This makes sense...I did not think of that kind of example.

Somehow a 'dead-flat' Bottom does seem intuitively and logistically correct
for something one
will bake food in...and, be slideing into and out-of the Oven and so on...


Hmmmm, now THAT made me hungry !

Thinking about Baked Dinner things...!



Las Vegas
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From: "Pfeiffer, Dan R (Dan)"

I can not think of any functional form for which a 'dead-flat' Bottom is

I am not so sure, I have started to make pie plates and chicken rosters
with a dead-flat bottom and think it works better then a foot on the
bottom. I end up with just a nice curve into the bottom that slides in
the oven very nicely.
We were having a problem with oven ware cracking before we stopped
trimming the bottom and now we do not. I am not sure the foot ring had
anything to do with it or if I am just getting better at making them.

Dan & Laurel in Elkmont Al
Pfeiffer Fire Arts
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