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customer satisfaction... now coffee-pot spouts

updated wed 22 feb 06


Helen Bates on tue 21 feb 06


Linda wrote: (...) one day I happened to be pouring from this vessel
in a situation that allowed me to see how I was pouring from the top.
Son-of-a-gun, I had the darn thing tilted as I poured, which I could
not tell usually because the spout and pot were above my sight line.

Funny you should mention pouring problems with coffee-pots, Linda. We
have a small glass coffee-pot for an electric coffee-maker that we keep
on the bathroom counter. If I fill it by the dim light of the hallway,
I may over-fill it. Then I always spill it when I pour the water into
the reservoir.

I also spill it if I have the pot tilted, even when it is not

Obviously the spout design's anti-spill tolerance is not high.



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