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mugs/cups - now cups...! - now tumblers..!

updated wed 22 feb 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on mon 20 feb 06

Hi May,

Oh no...


I was not confuseing Tumblers with Cups or Mugs.

Or, to me, a Tumbler is both more or less cylindrical, and taller than it is
wide, and,
has no Handle...but Square or Hexagon or Octagon, or tapering-conical or
leaning of Tumblers could
be made too I suppose.

Where, a Cup, can also also be cylindrical or taperingly so at times, as
some section of a Cone, or,
more often, Bowl-like ( with some exceptions I suppose, ) but as a Cup, it
will be shorter than it is wide, or, about as tall as it is wide and no

Cups may or may not have Handles...and, most Cups are in effect small deep

'Tin Cups' usually had staright sides and flat bottoms and were never
confused with being 'Tin Mugs' if such things ever existed to be confused

A Laydle or Ladle is in effect, a Cup or Bowl on-a-stick, or , on a long
Handle, and will only seldom be made of Ceramic entirely, if at all...

Some kinds of Ladles are more 'Mug' like on their business end...(Powder
Ladles for example...and other Dry Measure or Dry dispensing ones...)

Mugs are cylindrical, usually, or globular, and, of course, taller than
are wide, and have

Like that...or, that is my appreciation anyway.

And yes! Russel's Work is wonderful, and I have seen
some of his Tumblers specifically, to know how very nice they are...!

And, respectively, Ann's Work also is wonderful across the board, and these
little Cups-and-Saucers look delightful..!

Makes me happy to see...

Fun topic, 'Cups' vis a vie Mugs...& Tumblers...

Best wishes..!

Las Vegas

----- Original Message -----
From: "May Luk"

> Hello Ann and Phil;
> I think Phil is talking about 'tumbler' - mugs without
> handles. Russel from Brussel makes some tumblers and
> expresso cups in Terra Cotta. I saw him recently and I
> told him I drink wine out of his. I like drinking
> house wine in it. Or else I would have to drink out of
> the bottle standing up while cooking - a typical
> kitchen scenario. :-)
> My Spanish potter friend also makes small ceramics
> cups for drinking wines. It's also a Spanish thing.
> Ann; I wanted to leave a comment on your blog, but I'm
> not a blogger, so it won't let me. So, here it is:
> 'your cups and saucers are very nice and civilized. I
> also liked your Xmas bootie cups from last year, too'
> Regards
> May
> London, UK