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surfing with helen bates - february 23 2006 - usa, yugoslavia/serbia,

updated fri 24 feb 06


Helen Bates on thu 23 feb 06

UK, Franc

Surfing with Helen Bates - February 23 2006 - USA, Yugoslavia/Serbia,
UK, France

Ivan Albreht (Former Yugoslavia (Serbia); studied in the USA) (Music on website - can be turned on/off)
(Recent work is sculpture in slipcast porcelain and steel) (Has also
worked in handbuilt stoneware, a number with mixed media additions, and

wheelthrown vessels with additions, more sculptural than functional)
(MFA from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale)

Traditional Potter (Zlakusa, Uzice County, Serbia) (English)
(The potter in this old country village pottery uses a sort of
kickwheel or turntable before which the potter sits on a low stool,
building up his vessel by what appears to be a hand-pinching method. A
large percentage of the villagers have made pottery in this traditional
manner for at least 300 years. Firing is done in the open air.)

International Colony of Fine Art Ceramics (Zlakusa, Serbia) (Serbian, some English)
(The driving force behind this organisation is teacher Sofija
Bunardzic, who has been gathering sculptors and vessel makers to work
in the traditional hand wheel pottery-making method of the Zlakusa folk
pottery villagers. There are photos of many pieces that have been
fired in the open air. The wheels are quite low and have a sort of
lower unit that can be moved around by foot action.) (Most of the
images of interest are in the Serbian language section.)

Boris Vitlin (born in Russia, resides South Euclid, OH, USA)
(One of our own, Clayarter Boris Vitlin is a mainly self-taught
ceramist who makes some fine decorative plates, sculptural vessels, and
vases in 3 firing ranges, majolica, mid-fire, and high-fire shino.)

The Clay People of Hastings (Hastings, East Sussex, England, UK)
(An online gallery of 1-4 interesting pieces by each artist.) (Artists:
Celia Allen, Tony Allen, Jackie Attwood, Sylvia Ballard, Yolande Beer,
Judith Blyth, Juliette Dodd, Lisa Green, Jane Harvey, Cherry Jackson,
Colin Johnson, Susan King, Alastair Knights, Tessa Levey, Lyn Lewis,
Carole Sheldrake, Jackie Summerfield, Ann Warne)

Alain Vernis (France) (Note: PDF file - Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
(Low-temperature, rapidly-fired pottery bowls reminiscent of the
Japanese Raku technique) (French)


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Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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