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is my slip showing?

updated sat 25 feb 06


Noel Jensen on fri 24 feb 06

I find the work of Danish artist Anne Fl√łche
( quite compelling. From
the CM article last year, I believe that she is working at (or around)
an Orton Cone 02. I'm interested in trying to do something similar at
Cone 6. Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations as far as a
starting point on this quest?

Noel Jensen

Elizabeth Priddy on fri 24 feb 06

You will need an open textured clay body to
get the underlying surface. Something in
a groggy sculpture clay to build with and then
to scrape the surface when still fairly wet
to get that texture.

Alternately, you could use any other clay and
wedge in inclusions, like sand or fibrous material,
build and then scrape.

Reward velvet underglazes will make those colors
at cone 6 and no glaze would work best. Either
wax or nothing. the pieces look non-functional.

if yours are to be functional, you need a clear
satin-matt. hard to find commercially. I would just
leave the work unglazed on the outside and a liner
glaze interior.

the color on color patterns look like they are made
with paper resist techniques.

it is really cool work.


--- Noel Jensen wrote:

> I find the work of Danish artist Anne FlÝche
> (

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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