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nceca - room at the red lion available

updated wed 1 mar 06


Vince Pitelka on mon 27 feb 06

When I go to NCECA I usually share a room with Dave McBeth, and when I found
out that I can't go, I assumed that Dave would use the room that I reserved.
It turns out that Dave already had a reservation at the Red Lion, so my room
is available. I'll wait a few days to see if another Clayarter needs it
before I just call up and cancel. Please email me off-list at if you want the room. It is a double in the Red Lion -
the Clayart hotel. It's a simple matter to transfer the reservation over to
someone else.

This is the room that Valice Raffi originally reserved, and she passed it on
to me, so there is a real Clayart lineage in this room.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University
Smithville TN 37166, 615/597-6801 x111,