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titty beads with tony

updated wed 1 mar 06 on mon 27 feb 06

I'm a day late, but it's taken that to begin to digest the
weekend with Tony C. and the Oklahoma City
potters....actually potters came from all over the
region...Texas, Arkansas and the Louisana contingent brought
"Titty Beads" because it's Mardi Gras...Ok JFGI.

What a fantastic time. Peter Coates and Patty Travis put
together a solid program and wonderful experience. OK City
Art Center is a marvelous facility where Peter's pottery
program is the crown jewel. Patty has been at pots for
2-1/2 years and is doing work of a 10 years potter...and now
that she's done Tony time, her first pot today was a good 2
feet tall!....and better than that, well designed.

Yep, Tony does it, technique, skill building,
finishing, glazing magnificent handles. Talks firing, glaze
formulation, every aspect of clay and potting. I went
hunting for some "where do we go from here" way
much more. The 30 potters there were from beginners to
Birthe Flexner a 20 year plus veteran and teacher (you are
familiar with her work aren't you?...I sure wasn't).

And we all learned from Tony. Luckily I had been throught
both Tony and Sheila's videos (on handles and bigware) but
in person it is so much more. TC works harder than any
workshop leader I've ever known. It took 2 assitants to
keep up with him.

I know he's headed toward San Antonio next weekend...he says
for a workshop but I think it's for more warm weather! But
if you're in shouting distance, get there!

Tom Wirt