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spanish rio

updated fri 3 mar 06


JOYCE LEE on thu 2 mar 06

When I purchased Spanish RIO from I-can't-catch-the-name in
Montana, I was told that the Spanish Red was 99 1/2% pure Red
Iron Oxide..... meaning that it had considerably fewer impurities
than the Regular Old RIO. In the bag, it certainly looks brighter,
redder and possibly purer.

However, in the glazes I can tell very little, if any, difference. =
Perhaps it's
the other ingredients and the manner in which some of them
interact with the RIO that makes a difference....... and perhaps
I am just not using any of those ingredients. =20

In the Mojave where one obstacle after another seems to be working
against my attending NCECA. I have all my reservations, and the
desire to be there is strong within me. Wonder who'll (or what'll)
win this one........... either way, I know where my heart will be this
time around....... in the Clayart Room watching all the shenanigans.....
and listening to some grand conversations.... as I spend lots of time
looking at the photos of clayarters' work........ please do bring your
albums, and/or examples of your work. That's the best part!