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bruce diebboll throws pitchers

updated sun 5 mar 06


Gary Navarre on sat 4 mar 06

Hay Crew,

My old clay buddy Bruce Diebboll called the other day to tell me he got
the movie short of R.D.'s Weasel I figured out how to email out of this
new to me ACDSee software that came with the Optio 60. I guess there is
something I need to know about making .zip files to make up-down loading
easier. That might make it easier for us still stuck with dial up.
P.E.T.A. folks might be offended with the pieces' graphic nature but after
seeing C.S.I. at Peter's farm tonight it's not that gross, it is reality
in da U.P.

It is always enjoyable to talk with Bruce. We go back a long way. Maybe
more than just this life, as I start putting this connection together
through our destiny with clay. He would have to confirm my vague
recollection of meeting at some W.M.U. potters art student
party/opening/workshop?. As we started yakking we realized Jack Foster,
the Zen Master, was one of our teachers. Jack's house was next to the
Diebboll's home on their land. Bruce's father Bob were vary close with
Jack. I was fortunate to receive teaching for a short time in my teens and
indirectly when I visited Bruce who lived for a time in Jack's house after
he passed on. I really don't know how to discribe how naturally the garden
blended with house. Quite the retreat for Jack from the hustle of life in
the Art School of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts in downtown

As we got to talking the shots I took on my road trip last year of him
throwing a couple pitchers came up. I asked Bruce if it was still OK to
post them and he doesn't mind. Some shots are a bit flashed over since all
I had was the old Advantix. We kind of staged one shot and set Jack's Ben
Franklin glasses on a shelf in view for good luck. Fotki's slide show
works a lot better for me now, hope it does for you;

Bruce also let me know they have a web site, I
like how clean it looks. He also told me he told Charley Blim of Vase
Finder about my work when they were putting their work up. So when Bruce
told me to give him a call I did. I agree with the idea Charley has in
getting a better record of less known potters of the last 50 years. I wish
I had something new made to post in the gallery but I guess even an early
piece would be acceptable for now. Maybe something will come when the
weather clears. I do got clay from down below wet. I'm still freezing
drying the bunch I sliced. Brought it in for a while to thaw and
semi-rehydrate form the water still trapped inside and put it back outside
a couple times. I wonder what would happen with leaving a bath tub of clay
out all winter, I read of some doing that. Suppose I could make body with
some of the EPK, OM#4, 3 or so fire clays, guess some feldspar. There is
some kind of grog around here somewhere. I remember saving about 6 lbs. of
mixed brick dust when I picked up bricks at the brick yard and I think
Dart gave me some. I'll have to take a better inventory of how much kaolin
could be spared from kiln lagging. Maybe 75 lbs. of kaolin and 150 lbs. of
the brick yard fire clay with a little sand would be enough to start
really laying brick this spring. That would leave enough EPK for some a
body. I better look in my old books again and find a simple mix for a body
to refresh my memory. "Clay and Glazes" is around here somewhere. Y'all
have some fun now and stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA