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clayart during nceca

updated wed 8 mar 06


mel jacobson on mon 6 mar 06

earl will do just fine running clayart during nceca time.

remember, each day we have over 2000 folks
reading clayart...about 500 will be at nceca from
our group.
so. clayart will be just fine, running full speed.

from my best estimate, we have booked
173 rooms at the red lion hotel, at least 60
at the hotel next door, and a scattering of folks
throughout portland.

most rooms have two and three people, so..500 or more is a good guess.
perhaps as many as 600 clayarters are
paying 160 bucks a piece to nceca.
not much on the program for working potters.
but, that is ok.
we will be just fine. we just do our thing. and well, i might add.

"Luck is prepaid."
from: mel/

Don Goodrich on tue 7 mar 06

Just a brief note, to show y'all the view from the ClayArt Room tonight:
It's not raining at the moment, but this being Portland it could change
momentarily. The gang's certainly here (with some notable and
regretted exceptions), and the main event hasn't even started yet.

Don Goodrich