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nceca week weather in portland

updated mon 6 mar 06


Ellen Currans on sat 4 mar 06

Nothing about the weather in Portland in the Spring is ever for sure, but it
looks like this next week will not be too bad. They are predicting days in
the mid fifties and nights in the 40's. West Coast weather is hard to predict.
Most of our big storms come in off the ocean and may look like they will hit
us directly but may slide off up the coast to Vancouver, or down in to
Southern California. What is showing up this week are showers, which means it may be
raining in various parts of Portland for a while and then move on to other
areas.. In between you get sun breaks or cloudy overcast. Someone suggested
layered clothing so you can adapt and that is a good idea. A rain jacket and hat
if you plan to walk alot. Umbrellas are probably a nuisance. If you have
curly hair it will probably kink up in Portland. If your hair goes flat in the
damp, better bring your curling iron, or a nice fuzzy cap to go with your boa.
The dash across the street from the Red Lion to the Convention Center is at
most two blocks. (Depends on the entrance.)

The daffodills and forsythia are blooming. Sunny East facing areas are
probably two weeks ahead of where I live-- on the north side of a hill.

I did not sign up for a studio Open House in January, but I have had some
requests to do so. You will need a car to get here (30 miles south of Portland,
just off Hwy 99), but if anyone wishes to come out on Friday or Saturday, I
will be here and willing to share what works for me. E-mail: or 503-538-5688 for directions.

Ellen Currans (the woman who puts "thumb rests" on her mugs, and swears by
WD-40 and cornstarch.) on sun 5 mar 06

I concur. According to the most recent weather forecast, it's supposed =
to be rainy on Wednesday, with a chance of showers the rest of the week.=
Translation: come prepared to avoid becoming over-hydrated. Low temp=
eratures are expected to be in the mid-30s and the highs from 45-50. So=
metimes we get wind with our rain, so bring a good coat. Gore-tex will =
be your friend. If you don't want to wrestle with a cumbersome umbrella=
, and many of us Oregonians don't, a decent hooded ski parka or similar =
(oil-skin coat, rain slicker, etc) should work just as well. When we sa=
y, "Welcome to the Pacific North-wet," we usually mean it and this week =
should be no exception.
-Nathan Miller
Thistillium Pottery
Newberg, OR