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new mug shots

updated sat 4 mar 06


bill edwards on fri 3 mar 06

I added a few changes to my BLOG. You may beed to
refresh your browzers so any changes will show up on
your puters.
The recipe for 'Stormy's Lavender Blue' is on there
with recipe and picture. I also put some mini-jugs in
there since I was impressed with another potter who
could throw these tiny little beasts. Now those are
the way to test a new glaze in my opinion. Also if you
would like your picture or your pots put on a canvas
tote, shirts or whatever, contact me. Make an
impression at your art event.

I have found a zillion ways to use those little jugs.
I have added them to very large pieces with a string
to the handle as part of the selling features. I have
made knecklaces from them. I have glued them to rocks
for making paper weights and painted or airbrushed
some slogan on the rock.

I love clay and the potters. It is hard packing away
something so dear to me. I am at least satisfied that
I can continue working at another studio when I have
the time. This new business adventure has me up in
arms. Challenges, like I need a few more! *sigh

Bill Edwards

'Studio Pottery Set-up for Sell, offers considered!'

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