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regarding wenches at nceca

updated mon 6 mar 06


Stephani Stephenson on sun 5 mar 06

paging las wenches and los wenchos!
If you are wondering "so what is this wench thing" and what does it
have to do with CLAYART or NCECA?

Is it a wench clique of some sort?
does it have anything to do with the red boa thing?
are they mutually exclusive?
"Will I find myself toiling under involuntary servitude to one of
the more seasoned wenches?"
do i need cleavage?

let see for the yes or no answers to questions above...
no. not really but they do co-mingle. no. maybe. no

To make a long story short.
wench is being used as an all inclusive term which means
"do you wanna dress up Friday evening for the dance?"
come dressed as your alter ego, or your altar ego, or your altered ego,
or leave your ego in the room and just wear a costume,
whatever you decide is worth packing in the suitcase!

you can highlight the red boa theme...doesn't have to be related to
clay, wenches, etc.
male or female,
just a way to have some fun.

Stephani Stephenson