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wood firing/ u.p. kiln construction in late winter.

updated thu 9 mar 06


Gary Navarre on tue 7 mar 06

Hay Crew,

While I was talking with my disability determination representative
about the progress on this disability application she informed me she saw
a letter of denial. I was disappointed as she had seemed hopeful it was
approved. She said the committee felt there must be something I can do to
contribute to the national economy. I told her, "Ya, but this stoop labor
for others is gittin to me. I can do 4 days in a row OK but after 5 I need
to sleep a whole day to recover." "Well, you could find something
sedentary." Seems they agreed there's not enough wrong to prevent me from
gaining substantial earnings ($830/mo.). Ya, I guess they are right, I'm
not that bad anymore, yet. So to reinforce the theory Rush Limbaugh and
his callers have that people should be cut off disability because most are
frauds I got up form this sedentary work to get some exercise. After all I
been complaining about having to do others stoop labor all these years I
better do some of my own when I get the chance. I get into a frame of mind
where it doesn't seem like this is hard labor. I'm glad I learned how to
do that because I can make it happen when I have to at Wal-Mart.

I subtitled these shots "Snow Shovel Tai Chi" cause I never really
learned how to do that. I got some books once and tryed a class but didn't
practice. Dianne had a long mirror on the wall that made it possable to
put a video in the TV on the other side of the room and easily follow the
teachers moves. Worked all right until Dianne started mimicking the moves
like she was dancin on a poker table in a saloon in Lukeville, Arizona.
Kinda dropped the idea when I moved back to the farm, they didn't have
mirrors. So hear is the link, it's a long show (slide show recommended),
70 shots, but hell Tai Chi has 114. Needless to say I feel it today a bit
but like any good contributer to the
national economy I can shake it off and get back to others stoop labor

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA