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nceca memories

updated mon 13 mar 06


Cecilia Wian on sat 11 mar 06

Oh My Gosh.

Well, I am no longer an NCECA virgin. I am however in sensory overload. I
met so many great people because of that orange dot that Mel put on my
nametag. I got all but one of my books signed by the authors. I talked with
so many interesting people from all over the world.

There is no way I could thank all the folks who boosted my understanding and
education without forgetting at least 10 people.

If there was some way to harness the laughter, the excitement, the depth,
the experience, the warmth and the quality of the folks in the ClayArt room
just after the Mug Exchange we could fire an awful lot of kilns for a very
long time.


Cecilia Wian - saving up for next year in Louisville, KY