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newbie bead question

updated wed 15 mar 06


Dan on sat 11 mar 06

Hello everyone,

I'm a potter wannabe...

got a question,

I want to make and fire clay beads,
I have an extruder and was thinking of making a huge square tube extrusion
and cut holes to place rods to fire beads on. Do I need to use a different
clay body than what I make the beads out of?

e.g. For the beads I'm using white earthenware ^04-06 can I use this clay
to make the rack out of also, or do I need to get a high fire body?

I plan to use this home made rack to fire beads in over and over again,
so it has to withstand multiple firings.


Dan in Pensacola, FL

Janna Marcilla on tue 14 mar 06

hi, i use a commercial bead tree, but the bead group on Yahoo could give
you more information then you could use in a year. that's who i ask all
my bead questions.