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nceca 2006 & clayart

updated tue 14 mar 06


Victoria E. Hamilton on mon 13 mar 06

Hello Claybuds!

Well, Portland was wet (at first), confusing (how do you get on those
bridges anyway?), and wonderful!

And then there was the Clayart Room, which I didn't get to spend a lot of
time in - some, but not enough. The mug exchange was delightful, drinking
Linda's wine was extraordinary (well, I brought some, too), and meeting
people I'd only read on the list was fabulous! I think my boa was surely
the one that was shedding all over the place - my cats had their way with it
before I packed it for safe keeping.

Following are the people I met (or already know), and to whom I am indebted
for their graciousness, generosity, interest, humanity, skill, talent and
fun (in no particular order):

Mel Jacobson (the whole shebang!)
Linda Ferzoco (fabulous roomie - do you have my cork puller?)
Liz Willoughby (great dinner plan)
Ron Roy (dinner!)
John Hesselberth (dinner!)
Steve Slatin (dinner!)
Jennifer Boyer (muggettes)
Snail Scott (costume & philosophical conversation)
Marianne Kuiper Milks (the Haiti child!)
Scott Paulding (thanks for the ride studio mate!)
Hank Murrow (tools galore, marvelous shino, moving story)
Phil Poburka (I'm using the tools tomorrow - will report in)
Nan Kitchens (Japanese Garden - picking up Phil)
Logan Johnson (muggette)
Dennis Johnson (muggarino?)
Gail Phillips (photos & the dolly parton thing)
Kelly Savino (what a generous wench! More time next time)
Lori Leary (glorious teabowl at the mug exchange)
Tom Sawyer (mug? Well, it's got a bouquet of flowers in it now!)
Gayle Bair (support & encouragement)
Wayne Seidl (shoulders big enough to hold the planet!)
Bacia Edelman (thanks for accepting my pronunciation)
David Hendley (no pretense. You just give us who you are!)

I had a fabulous time in Portland. If I can figure out an economical way to
manage my travel to Kauai in May and Italy in October, I'll come to

Thank you everyone.

Spring is on it's way!!!

Vicki Hamilton
Millennia Antica Pottery
Seattle, WA