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thank you clayarters and nceca

updated tue 14 mar 06


Charanjiv Sachar on mon 13 mar 06

Like everyone else posting about NCECA I can go on and on about what a great experience it was. And the highlight of my week was the clayart friends I met. I was amazed at the amount of information being shared... it is so much better than searching through archives!
Being my first NCECA and meeting the clayarters for the first time I wasn't sure how my week was going to be. The red dot on my badge helped a lot. I met some great clayarters just waiting for a table at Denny's. What a great group we have.
It was great talking to Chris Campbell about business and wholesale. Her approach to the subject was very simple to understand. I am going to work towards applying what she talked about.
Jenette Harris and I spend hours talking about everything we could.. from travel to family to cultures and of course.. clay.
It was fun meeting Kelly, Primalmommy... now I know your real name!
Mary Ann and Alan were great company visiting galleries. Thanks a lot for letting me share a ride. A midnight dinner + clay talk with Mary Ann filled my stomach and brain.
Gail Phillips was as funny as I imagined her to be (actually a little more than I imagined)
Phil's bison tools were the "spoiling myself" moment I had. After buying the first trimming tool, I avoided being near his booth because of the temptation. But on the last day, I found myself buying another tool. And I had to make a lot of effort to buy this one. I was out of cash and had to walk all the way to the ATM, to buy the second tool. I was having too much fun trimming the bowls at his booth... now I can't wait to use it on my bowls. Thanks a lot Phil for making such a great product.
It was good to meet Wayne in person. He has helped me a lot over email with my silly "fix it" questions.
It was great to meet Paul Lewing, John Hesselberth, David, Steve Slatin, Judy, Jeff, Dan, Michael, Barbara, Hank, Ken, Janine (potter who lives closest to me).. I know I am missing out so many names and have forgotten several last names... so forgive me.
Also enjoyed demos by Steven Hill, Bill Shinn, Bill Van Guilder. Saw some great videos from previous NCECAs as well.
Thanks to all who complimented me for my cup at the cup exchange. I am glad you all liked it. Makes me feel that I am going in the right direction with my work. Loved talking shinos with everyone.
I can keep going on.... but I have to get back to my day job and take care of the back log over last week. A big big thanks to all clayarters for making this a memorable experience in my life.

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