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glaze calculation: old potter loses cool.

updated thu 16 mar 06


Lili Krakowski on tue 14 mar 06

What I cannot figure out is where the legend, myth, rumor started that glaze
calculation is difficult.

If you can do the multiplication table, and divide fractions, and know all
about decimal points--all of which you should have known by age 11--then all
it takes to do glaze calculation is some charts with the molecular values,
pencil, paper, a calculator.

It makes no never mind to me (as wonderful Southern locution) whether anyone
learns it or not. I really care little, and daily less and less, what other
people do.

But it bothers me silly that people who won't apply themselves to learn
something that simple start a Blame Game, spreading mischief as they go.

Yes. There are some on this list who are dislexic or have some other
problem that makes it impossible for them to concentrate and focus and do
glaze calculations. I am truly, truly sorry, and am NOT picking on YOU.
But you are NOT the ones trying to convince others that glaze calculation is

It is not. It is no more difficult than planning the family budget,
figuring out how much wood you need for a specific project, or if you have a
flower bed 10 x 12 and want 6 inches of top soil, and a bag of topsoil will
cover 2 square feet 3 inches deep, how many bags do you need.

I know it runs couner to today's culture. But everything does not have to
be easy! Some things are harder than others. No reason to give up on them.

If you cannot manage the pencil/paper/calculator bit, then brown-bag for a
week and buy a computer glaze program. But not spread rumors
that will turn others away from a major glazing tool.

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

Bill Paxton on wed 15 mar 06

Couldn't have said it better!

Unfortunately today folks want instantaneous answers and results.
Understanding and applying glaze calculation results is not instantaneous
it's pretty quick and very helpful.

Seems like it's pivotal if you want to develop your own way.