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my nceca 2006

updated wed 15 mar 06


Marilu Tejero on tue 14 mar 06

Where to start... what a great week I had at Portland.

Mel, thanks for organizing the hotel. It was so convenient to be across the Convention Center and have a terrific transport, free, just outside the hotel.

The staff at the Red Lion were the best, I was the first to arrive and one of the last ones to leave, you'll never believe this, but they gave me a free ride to the airport.
Wonderful and so helpful.

Such a joy to meet again the Clayart family, to get reaquainted again. Russel, Lillian, Liz and Ron, what a fun evening we spent together.
The Clayart room was really home with all the dear friends, Joyce, Mel, Kelly, Billie, Anne Marie, Phil, Jackie, Chris, Wayne, Nan, Bacia, Jennifer, Martha, Mark, Ken, Donna, Stephanie and the list goes on and on, sorry to miss your name, but you know who you are. You all made my time there an unforgetable one.

As always, one tries to attend as many presentations as possible, at least the ones that fire up one's soul. Amazing to learn of the several different approaches to clay. Every year I try to see the International artists show as well, very inspiring. This year the students from the Distance Learning from ANU, both Canada and Australia gave a great talk. It inspired me to join them next year.

Many exhibitions were really awesome. The ones that stand out for me: Utah State University wood fired pots, Canadians at Clackamas CC, Teapots at Skutt's, Santa Fe's La Mesa, Mel's, Hank Murrow's (got a lovely shino tea bowl), Lawrence Gallery with a treat of Dali's drawings, Richard Notkin's powerful images, Chinese Gardens, of course the K12, mug donations and so many more..

The importance of this event is that no matter how small the clay scene might be where one lives, the energy one sees and feels, exchanging information, learning new techniques and about tools and equipment, passions and commitments one feels all fired up to continue belonging to this amazing big ceramics family.

I'll cherish the memories of being with you from breakfast till I could not open my eyes anymore. You will have a great time in Louvl, I'll be with you in spirit,
And maybe .. see you all in New Orleans, who knows...

A big hug,
still very, very sick with a horrible bronchitis, glad to be back in the warm weather of Miami.

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