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my next nceca

updated wed 15 mar 06


Lynne Antone on wed 15 mar 06

So many things I learned at my first NCECA, but I think the most important is that you must stay where the claybuds stay. I missed so many things; people, ideas, fun, a sticker for my name tag to identify me as a Clayarter, the mug exchange, the great vendor sessions, etc. So many posts here by people I never had a chance to see. I went for only two days, Thurs. and Fri. and tried to pack so much into those days. Quite nervous by myself riding the MAX at night and generally nervous about running around town. Must get braver, must get braver, . . . I'm just a country girl, after all.

Thanks for the kind words Joyce, it was great seeing you again, too. Sorry I missed you on Friday. Gayle Bair, thanks for taking me under your wing and including me in, loved your sister's cd. Great to finally meet Bacia after all these years and Bonnie Hellman, hope to make it to Ouray after you move in. Everyone I had a chance to meet in the clayart room the two times I made it there were so nice to me. And great conversations and sharing and so many wonderful things others are making. Hope to see you all again anytime soon,

Lynne Antone
Wow, have I learned alot about the weight of ware. My husband and I go round and round with trying to make our pieces lighter. We finally came to the conclusion that if the piece is the same thickness overall, then we are getting there. Thanks for all the feedback and explanations.
Beaver Creek Arts
Olympia WA