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nceca '06 pictures on line

updated wed 15 mar 06


Fredrick Paget on mon 13 mar 06

I just put up a bunch of pictures I took at the Clayart doings at
NCECA on my home page.

They are big files as I have not taken time yet to put them into
Photoshop and make them smaller.
The homepage is sort of an FTP site and has a preview or you can
download the whole kahuna.
The pix are in a folder called PIX NCECA '06. The other stuff on
there is mostly in regards to decal making with an ink jet printer
using ceramic stains.

The files are from a 6 megapixel camera and run about 3.5 megabytes each.

If anybody has a lot of energy and free time you can download a few
and put them on a regular website and I won't complain! Just let us
know where it is.
The wenches are #148
From Fred Paget,
Marin County, CA, USA
Charter Member Potters Council