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updated wed 15 mar 06


Susan Nebeker on tue 14 mar 06

My first NCECA was everything and more than I ever hoped for- more than just the three days, as it really began the weekend before with the arrival of Montana buddy Heidi Haugen on the 4th!

We loved the pre-conference event in Eugene, John Glick's demos were for me absolutely inspiring. This event was all that Hank promised it would be. We learned so much from all three of the presenters and came home Tuesday night, rushing right out to the studio to try out new techniques.

The weather sucked quite unexpectedly for NCECA weekend, but wow- there was so much going on, it was difficult to let that bother us.

Having the Red Lion full of Clayarters was a kick. Even the elevator rides were social events. The Clayart room was a wonderful place to come to, like a comfy living room to gather in. Thanks, Mel for all the hard work you do for us all.

What fun! It was pretty incredible to meet so many folks that I've admired in person.
To connect personally and create friendships. Maurice, John, Roy, Liz, Steve,
Earl, Michael, Mark, Stephanie, Gail and many, many more- it was so great to put faces to your names! So many kind and good people are here in this place we call Clayart.

It's really over now, with Heidi's departure this morning. I'm gonna take a nap and then head back out to the studio to try out some new ideas, tools and then read through all my new clay books! Maybe watch that Van Gilder video again, give faceting another shot.
Sigh....... :)

Susan Nebeker
Canby, Oregon

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