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surfing with helen bates - march 14, 2006 - canada, usa, uk, india,

updated wed 15 mar 06


Helen Bates on tue 14 mar 06


Surfing with Helen Bates - March 14, 2006 - Canada, USA, UK, India,
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Ottawa Potters Guild (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
(International Pottery-related classified advertisements)

New York Public Library (New York, NY, USA)
(Search or browse for ceramics and pottery-related keywords. For
instance, the search string "pottery, staffordshire" results in 273
items in 23 pages of 12 items per page. Most, if not all of these are
from a huge catalogue: "The Earle Collection of Early Staffordshire
pottery illustrating over seven hundred different pieces, by Major
Cyril Earle, T.D., with an introduction by Frank Falkner, and a
supplementary chapter by T. Sheppard, F.G.S. Containing upwards of two
hundred and seventy half-tone reproductions in sepia and ten full-page
plates in colour. (published [1915])") (Another search: "pottery,
England" gets at least some images from a book: "Spode & his successors
: a history of the pottery : Stoke-on-Trent 1765-1865. (published
1925)") In:
[Cigarette cards] > Antique Pottery. (published n.d.) ("Pottery,
France" results are various, but a huge number are from the book:
"Monographie de l'oeuvre de Bernard Palissy : suivie d'un choix de ses
continuateurs ou imitateurs. (published 1862)") (More are from
"[Cigarette cards] > Antique Pottery. (published n.d.)", publisher:
J. Millhoff & Co., Ltd.")

Randall Antiques and Fine Arts (Micanopy, FL,; St. Petersburg, FL, USA)
(For collectors of Art Pottery)

Cole Family Potteries and brickyards (London and area, UK)
(I wonder if these British Coles would be distantly related to the
Coles pottery families in North Carolina?)

Barbara Sorenson (Winter Park, FL, USA)
(Monumental sculpture in stoneware, with stones, and in some cases gold
leaf, and metal)

Kathy Butterly (Tibor de Nagy Gallery) (New York, NY, USA)
(Abstract small sculptures using porcelain and earthenware clays in one
piece, as well as glaze for quite unique effects. To enjoy her work is
definitely is an aquired taste!)

Clay Studio of Missoula (Potsketch Auction) (Missoula, MT, USA)

(Potsketch was conceived as a fundraiser to further develop and expand
The Clay Studio of Missoula's facilities. Since most artists draw, the
idea was "to invite artists to take 10 seconds, 10 minutes, or 10 hours
to draw a pot or an image that has had an impact on them." (...) "To
facilitate this, The Clay Studio board and staff selected a group of
artists and sent out packages including a 4"x5" piece of Italian paper,
a pencil, and a return mailer and asked the artists to donate an
original work." ... "the results were outstanding." Warren MacKenzie,
then Akio Takamori were amongst the artists who participated in the
2004 show. "This year's artists include past participants as well as
many new submissions, and have arrived from America, Canada, Japan,
Korea, Denmark, and Australia.) (Some of the Clay Studio's 2005 auction
images would make for some great wallpaper!)

Frida Steinberger (Israel)
(Sculptor and mixed media artist, especially photography; involved in
art-related workshops and tours in India) (See below)

Foundation For Arts (New Delhi, India)
Images from the Foundation's Pottery Workshop:

Images from the FFA "Going Potty" show:
Workshop event: "Discover India" (Oct. 2006) (application/pdf Object):
(A ten day workshop for artists with Israeli ceramic sculptor Frida


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
Clayarters' Websites:
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