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beginner's notes/nceca costs

updated thu 16 mar 06


Marcia Selsor on wed 15 mar 06

I noticed some people did one day passes. The registration fee for
the conference was $195 for early registration for US. membership.
International member was $210
Additional charges were bus passes $7 for each pass. They run both
Wed. and Sat. there were 3 routes to chose from
Hotels..depends. We use to pack 4 in a room. This year I shared with
one other. That bill was $227 including parking charge/ split in 2.
Breakfast and lunch at the Clayart room was $7.50 for buffets.
Dinners depend. Found a great Ethiopian Restaurant a few blocks away.
Sushi Mania was $13.00
Food in Portland was great and reasonable. I suspect Louisville will
have great food also.
Airfare from Japan would be $1400 or so. I drove and split the cost
three ways $127.
Shopping at the exhibitors can be costly. That is up to you. Books,
tools, equipment at demo prices...
Bare cost for me was about $700 which included one fancy dinner with
friends and cab fare.
I have been going to NCECA since 1971. There has always been
information exchanges at bars, lobbies, halls,
parties, but the clayart room does offer a place to congregate and
see people we communicate with daily.
If you share rooms, the cost next year for a room is $110 at the galt
house hotel according to Mel. 55 or less/night depending on how many
you put in the room.
It is always worth it even if you don't like the program. You always
come away inspired, jacked up and ready to hit the studio with fresh
Marcia Selsor

Back in Montana where a winter storm warning isn't keeping me away
from the studio. I have a student group from the Cheyenne Indian
Reservation coming to visit
this afternoon.

On Mar 15, 2006, at 7:12 AM, lee love wrote:

> What is the average bill when someone flies to NCECA? I've only
> attended the one that came to Minneapolis. What is hotel cost a
> night?
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> Lee In Mashiko, Japan
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