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nceca portland home again

updated fri 17 mar 06


Billie Mitchell on wed 15 mar 06

what a wonderful experience i had.. to see old freinds and make new ones.. thats what clayart is all about. as i was one of the last ones to leave the hotel just wasnt the same.. it was so quiet.. no clayart room, no one in the lobby to much and no one in the bar.. after everyone left i felt kinda lost. didnt want to do or see much. its so much better to share your experience with friends.
so i kinda spent my time trying to rest up from all the late nights we had!
wayne your idea for the last meal together was wonderful. there was 15 of us who really didnt want to say goodbye till next year. after breakfast most left to catch their plane, train, or move on to see other sites around oregon. we shared that last moment and cherished it.. as i will cherish all the wonderful freinds i have made over the years and the new ones that are just starting. there is something to be said for clayarters.. we all have a bond that cant be matched by any other group. i would like to thank each and everyone of you for freindships and for all of the wonderful memories which i will carry throughout my life.

billie mitchell

Barb Lord on thu 16 mar 06

I just wanted to thank you for my turtle. He's wonderful and shares a
shelf with my collection of pots from my personal friends and instructors.

I had a wonderful time in Portland and enjoyed the few minutes I spent in
the clayart room. I'm basically a newbee to ceramics and was hooked the
first time I sat down at a wheel. Now I'm beginning to explore
handbuilding too.

Thanks to everyone for the hospitality in the clayart room. So much to do
and see and so little time. Can't wait for Louisville.
Barb Lord