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the 2006 leupp kiln conference

updated thu 16 mar 06


William Lucius on wed 15 mar 06

Tim Wilcox, Wayne Keene and the Institute for Archaeological Ceramic
Research are pleased to announce that the 2006 Leupp Kiln Conference will be
held near Yellowjacket (15 miles NE of Cortez, Colorado) on May 27th, 28th
and 29th. This annual event is an opportunity for archaeologists, potters,
students and other interested folks to come together to fire pottery
replicas, learn from each other and have the opportunity to gather clays
from the general area for making pots to fire at subsequent kiln
conferences. Studio potter Rick St. John will be firing a trench kiln at
the event.

If you are interested in attending the event, all are welcome. The
invitation is available at
Click on 06LCK Invitation in the left panel. While you are there check out
pictures and documents from our previous events as well as a discussion
forum. If you are interested in joining the page and receiving a daily
digest just follow the instructions.

Hope to see you in Yellowjacket in May!

William A. Lucius, Board President
Institute for Archaeological Ceramic Research
845 Hartford Drive
Boulder, CO 80305