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( dreams about) crossing the atlantic for nceca 2007

updated fri 17 mar 06


WALLY ASSELBERGHS on thu 16 mar 06

The Clayart room at NCECA sounds like ceramic paradise.
Reading all those amazing stories about the conference made my fingernails go bananas.
Would love to attend one day, and meet bo-arters in the haunted room.
Based on Mel's breakdown, calculated a 1400 bucks budget, way above what my recup visacard could ever afford.
Now if any clayarters would be willing to play a tune on their piano for trying to get one of my hands-on naked raku workshops organised in the area, just before or after the 2007 conference, that might change the picture of the story.
Any help or info about possible locations or organisers very wellcome, thanks to revert off-line.
If it all works out, expect to find a pile of free "noir-de-noir" belgian chocolates in
next year's clayart room.....
Wally, Schoten, Flanders.
budget estimate
785 brussels-louisville
150 nceca
300 hotel
100 meals
60 drinks & headache pills
5 vendor's crap
total 1400
>>> mel wrote : here is our regular breakdown.
nceca 150 bucks - plane average 300 - hotel 300 bucks - meals 100.
buy crap at the vendors 3000

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