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updated fri 17 mar 06


Lillian Thibodeau on wed 15 mar 06

Hi, Everyone,

I just want to say how much I enjoyed NCECA,
particularly because of the great Clayart people
there. I have great new ideas to try, and appreciate
the boost given me by all the demonstrators, in the
auditorium, on videos, and especially in the vendor
area. Practical workshops in the Clayart room were
especially helpful. I'm glad I took notes, because by
the time I got home my brain was fried from overload.

I enjoyed being roomates with Marilu Tejaro, Donna,
and Lois Wilkins, and seeing Barb and Michael Wendt
again. I was lucky to draw Jim Tabor's beautiful blue
mug, and to exchange one of mine for a great green one
with my new friend, Janine LaMaie. I also was
generously given a very, very special bear by Sally
McLeod, and it is watching over me as I type this

So, thanks everyone--especially Mel, for setting up
the whole warm situation for us, and the Cleavage
Ladies and Mugettes, who make the Night of Trading
such a grand and fun event.

Can't wait for Louisville.

Best wishes,

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