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surfing with helen bates - march 15, 2006 - uk, france, australia, usa

updated fri 17 mar 06


Helen Bates on wed 15 mar 06

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 15, 2006 - UK, France, Australia, USA
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Tony Lattimer (West Penrith, UK and Laborne, France)
(Maker of vessels, many very large. The work is coiled, using a
heavily grogged off-white firing commercial clay. The finished "work
is covered with varying layers of white slip, painted, wiped and
scumbled onto the surface.")

"The Space Between" (Australia, Germany) - (Clayart)
(Avicam (Online Catalogue for "The Space Between Project", Canberra,
Australia and Halle, Germany) (Some USA artists also participated.)

Essay: "The Fundamentalist Urge in Contemporary Ceramics"
(By the Australian Keith Murray, director of Craft Victoria in

Ink and Clay 32 (Kellogg University Art Gallery, California State
Polytechnic U., Pomona, CA, USA)
(An annual competition of prints and drawings, ceramic ware and clay
sculpture, open to all of the Western States including Alaska and

Pamela Ross (Atlanta, GA, USA?)
(Burnished Terra Sigillata and Raku fired classical forms which are
resist-decorated vases and bowls)

Roswell Clay Collective, Roswell, GA, USA)
(Clay Collective artists: Don Rank, Beth Tarkingtom, Jim Neal, Carola
Joyce, Sheila Chrzan, Barbara Gelman, Ed Gilliam, Leslie Carda, Sandy
Wolf, Lynn McCarthy, A. J. Argentina, Sylvia Lampen, Sally Smith, Cindy
Watson, Debra Adornato, Anne Ginkel

Debra Fritts (Roswell, GA, USA)
(Ceramic Sculptor - New to me...)
Other Debra Fritts pages:


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
Clayarters' Websites:
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