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updated sat 18 mar 06


Rikki Gill on fri 17 mar 06

Hi all,

Personally, I always learn a lot at NCECA. This year, the presentations
were not staged as well as usual.
The lighting was off, and the hall too flat, the stage too high to see
much. This is the first time it has been like that
in the 5 years I have been going.

I love to watch all the presentations, and usually on returning home, I head
for my studio to try new things.
I can't say that I particularly want to throw something just like what I
have just seen someone else do,
but I might like to try to expand a thick clay wall of a vase shape into a
sculptural piece.
For me, it is seeing how people deal with the finer points.

I almost never go to hands on workshops. I know they are great, but I
usually fumble around in my own studio,
and try out different things, and here I just get ideas. I loved seeing
Josh De Weese pull his pitcher handle.
I will never try to duplicate that handle,
but something of that will stay with me, and it will pop out at just the
right moment.

I certainly love seeing my friends. I am a lonely potter working away in
solitude, [thank god] and do miss company. Sometimes.

NCECA is just perfect for many of us. One massive rush of non stop
sociability, and home until next year.

I hope to see you all next year in Louisville. Whatever color boas.

Best, Rikki