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yes/no..butt wigglin' about nceca

updated sat 18 mar 06


marianne kuiper milks on fri 17 mar 06

OK..let me set this straight. I did NOT go to NCECA to "learn" as one does in a focussed workshop. I went because I loved NCECA in Baltimore and there was so much to absorb, contemplate, wonder, question... And to listen to the artists. And more. I hoped that I'd said that right.
What I came home with as my strongest impression was that I better get off my butt and get down to earth..the real, muddy stuff. So now I KNOW(again) that I need to learn more of the elementary technical points. Because I am laayyzz...

Yes, Tony, I just put $27 in my special travel box and hope to put it in something that looks like a large boot. I'm on! As far as picking teachers over places: it is the #1 focus for music as well, and the reason my daughter didn't go to Juilliard for violin. Chose a top-notch teacher at U of M and later at Carnegie-Mellon.


clennell wrote: Sour Cherry Pottery

> I am proud of what I learned, even though it hurt to be honest to myself. I
> looked at Bacia's Sandy's, Hank's and so many others.
> So...where should I go this summer and receive real instruction? Back to what
> I need? Penland...Haystack...Toronto?
> Let me know, and I'm glad you brought that up. Wishing you another geat day,
> Marianne

marianne: I luv Nceca but it is not where I would go to improve my work.
When my kids where picking courses at university i told them pick the
teacher not the subject. A good teacher can make glaze chemistry
interesting- watch the glaze geeks jump on me for that one!
I like to look at my clay career in 3 different categories clay(throwing,
handbuilding), glaze, firing. Pick the one you think you are weakest in and
tackle it. Pick a teacher that not only knows his/her stuff but can teach
it. Many on this list are near genius in glazes but can they teach? Many
make great pots but can they teach? Many fire kilns to near perfection but
can they teach? Pick a teacher! Teaching ought to be the highest paid
profession in the world.
Save your money and come to Italy in May 2007 - 2 weeks with me making and
woodfiring and 2 weeks with malcolm Davis making soot. how's that for more
of my shameless self promotion. I may be short on many things, but i can
teach and love doing it!!! Bet your farm on it!
Tony and Sheila Clennell
Sour Cherry Pottery
4545 King Street
Beamsville, Ontario

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