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nceca--i got sick

updated mon 20 mar 06


Eleanor on sun 19 mar 06

Did anyone notice the Acrostic puzzle in the NY Times Magazine today
(Sunday)? It's a tribute to clay people; did they do that on purpose?
Nice of them.

I squeezed in two days of NCECA before I had to give up and be sick---I
got whatever it was that was "going around" Oregon; my grandkids got
it--I probably caught it from one of them. Fortunately I was staying
with my daughter, who lives in Portland (she doesn't mind the rain!).
She coddled me with tea and cough syrup.

I managed to meet a few people: Kelly and David H. on the Wednesday bus
tour, Bonnie H. and mel in the exhibition hall--he gave me my red
dot...On Thursday I took in the demos---sat in the front row, the only
place to see anything and then went to the Clayart room, chatted with
Steve S. and Ken N., admired the mugs and was prepared to stay for the
photo workshop. But I was already feeling rotten, didn't want to infect
anyone in the crowd, so I left. The desk clerk, a sweetheart, got me a
cab, and that was that.

I stayed on in Portland and on Tuesday my daughter took me to one of
the galleries I had missed---the Lafayette in the Pearl district. I was
still very weak, one gallery was all I could do. Much of the pottery
was gone--sold--but what was left blew me away.

Extrapolating from the half-dozen people I met, I must conclude that
Clayarters are some of the nicest people on this earth.

My husband saved all the Clayart Digests for me; the wonderful pictures
that are being posted make up for what I missed in the galleries. Thank
you all!!

Eleanor Kohler

While I was shivering in Portland, my husband reported summer weather
in NY. I got home last Thursday; it was cold and we had snow flurries
today. I can't win.