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mug history - now, a short list of 'cups', and their kinds...

updated wed 22 mar 06


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on sun 19 mar 06

Just some off-the-cuff 'Cups'...possibly more
kinds could be added by others?

'Cup'...a definite unit of Measure for both wet
and dry materials or ingrediants or their sums;
familar to the inhabitants of Civilization
generally, if possibly new to other lands or
or made to be eschewed in some places by inimicals
even where it had been long celebrated otherwise.

'Coffee Cups'...various in sizes, traditionally,
usually, Porcelain...mostly having little single
Handles...sometimes confused with Tea Cups.

'Tea Cups'...various in sizes, traditionally,
usually, Porcelain...mostly having little single
Handles...sometimes confused with Coffee Cups.

"Demitasse Cups"... versions of Coffee Cups.

'Custard Cups'...small sizes, low, flat bottomed,
and having usually straight slightly outward
tilted sides
sometimes were fluted...usually Porcelain,
sometimes Glass or other.

'Egg Cups'...tending to be Porcelain...and usually
of a 'Chalice' form. At one time known in various
for various sizes or kinds of Eggs, and usually
having to them some base or short stand to elevate
them or hold them by...used for holding soft
boiled Chicken Eggs at Table usually...

'Eye Cups'...often Porcelain, sometimes
Glass...elipsoid in upper section, and dished in
along the sides of their opening, to fit nicely
against and around
one's Eye, or, possibly, to hold soft boiled Eyes
for the Table if need be, for politeness sake, so
they do not roll inconveniently and embarass the
diner or their companions. And usually having to
them some base
short stand to elevate them, or hold them by if
making Toasts or something...

'Moustache Cups'...usually Porcelain, almost
always having
some sort of single handle, for
Moustaches to drink from,

'Shaving Cups'...usually Porcelain....for mixing
one's Shaving Soap in with a short Brush. A method
devised to deprive
Moustaches Cups of use...

'Cups' ...a contextual use of the term - as in
38-DD or any size...made usually of layered
Cotton fabric, Silk, or 'blends', and the more
robust ones, also
having Piano
Wire, stout widths of embedded webbed cords,
wide woven reinforcement tapes and rows of hook
and eye clasps, and so

'Dice Cups'...make of Leather usually, but likely
injection moulded
plastic now..

'Dixie Cups'...usually small sized but some
larger, a flat recessed bottomed, free standing
Cup, made tidily of
waxed Paper with rolled 'Beaded' rim, and
telescoped into one-another in
long snug rows while waiting for use. A pleasant,
sanitary and proprietary item seldom seen any
more. Nice for cold beverages, not-so-nice for
'hot' ones unless one likes little flat floating
blobs to stick to one's teeth.

'Telescopic Cups' ...carried in the Jacket pocket
or Vest pocket, sometimes having snug Leather
cases, popular at one time, for Campaign, Field,
Expedition, Equestrian, Boating, Aviation, or
occasions. Sometimes
Gold alloy, often Silver, various of Pewter and
Britannia Metal, ultimately
sometimes nearly 'Pure' Aluminum...thence, if
mercifully rare, of plastic...

'Cups'... as being one of the other-than Major
Suits, of the
traditional Tarot Card Deck.

'Cup', the term applied to the initial phase of
drawing before the next anneal, of ( what used to
be, or was once called) 'Bloomfield Guilding
Metal' ( if memory serve, ) when making Metallic
Cartridge cases...

'Oil Cups'...usually Nickle Plated, deeply stamped
Steel, with spring-hinged
Brass. (Not to be confused with Gravity Feed

'Grease Cups'...usually Brass, if often Steel,
sometimes stamped then machined, or machined at
any rate, with
knurled-edge, deep, screw-on lids and

The 'stye-roaf-ohm' of many possible,
'to-go' Cups...whatever else one may say about
them, had one made a gift of one to an Emperor of
Rome say, or more later European Kings, Popes or
potentates, it likely
would have gone over very, very, well...a 'clean'
one of course...

'Loving Cups'...a proprietary shape, having two
diametrically opposed Handles high on an oviod
body with a slender terminal stemmed upper base of
otherwise wide
bottom, usually
Silver or like looking it...or Silver Plate of
base Metal...used often for Trophys.

'Ambivalence Cups' ... Logically, a more probable
and realistic choice than the above...

'Krupps'...German Munitions and Armaments
Manufacturer, lately making pleasant enough,
modest, moderne-ish plastic 'drip' Coffee Makers
and Toasters
for anyone's kitchen counter top convenience,
appearently, while between major World Wars. Not
to be confused with 'Cups'.

el ve

May Luk on tue 21 mar 06

Fifa World Cup [TM] - The world comes together to play
football - 9 Jun - 9 Jul, 2006 in Germany.
Need to keep an eye for it if your European open
studio is around that time. So,it can be clay related.

A kind of a trophy cup - The Ashes Urn - Ceramic
cricket trophy with interesting history.

London, UK

lee love on tue 21 mar 06

--- In, May Luk wrote:

Some stuff on the World Baseball Classic:

The sterling silver trophy stands 25-inches tall and weighs thirty
pounds. It took Tiffany & Co. master artisans more than 200 hours to
create the piece. The design, inspired by the World Baseball Classic
logo, features a 'global baseball,' with longitude and latitude lines
and vermeil stitching of a baseball, as its centerpiece. The ball
grows from a four-tiered diamond-shaped base, representing the four
rounds of the tournament, and broadens into the signature logo collar,
comprised of four separate elements, representing the four pools made
up of the 16 teams participating in the inaugural event.

For those of you who watched Japan play at the WBC and later snatch a
victory, the director of the team was Oh Sadaharu -- also know as Wang
Chen Chih. Born in Tokyo to a Taiwanese father and Japanese mother in
1940, he has lived in Japan since birth but has always held Taiwanese

This is from another list I am on (a human rights list related to
foreigners living in Japan):

Oh has been a household name for decades. He played for perhaps
Japan's most famous baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants, taking a record
868 career home runs. He then worked as a team manager, and at age 65
has the distinction of directing Japan's win at the World Baseball
Classic. His role in yesterday's win is so widely acknowledged that
"Oh Japan" is showing up on many television channels.

Lee In Mashiko, Japan

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