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clayart digest - 22 mar 2006 to 23 mar 2006 (#2006-80)

updated sat 25 mar 06


Rachel Campbell on fri 24 mar 06

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> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 03:52:03 -0800
> From: Elizabeth Priddy
> Subject: Re: 90 Bottles/workshop sales
> It is an excellent promotional project. Just make sure
> you work it. Inside each of these little bottles, there
> ahould be a little sheet with your name and other info
> including when you have a studio sale coming up and
> directions to find you.

Ah, now there's my #1 issue currently. I actually have no idea how/where/if
I can/should actually start selling my stuff. Twice within the last year I
literally gave away 75 pots at a time (to my Mothers of Preschoolers group
and to all the attendees at another Mother/Daughter Brunch, the first time
we tried a program like this)... just to get them out of my house and make
space for all the new stuff coming out of the kiln. And I just recently got
up and going with a kiln that holds roughly 3x what my old kiln did (and
I'm firing it at least as often as I did the old kiln). I've tried to
concentrate to some degree on pots that have a natural "home" (I worked for
3 months or so replacing all my cheap Kmart-ware, making my own dinnerware
set etc., and of course the bottles kept me busy for a couple of weeks)...
but I really have never tried to sell it.

I did recently join the Annapolis Potters Guild, and they have a show/sale
coming up in May. So I'm thinking to venture out of my comfort zone and
participate in that, and see how it goes.

> and a business card. People like being able to keep track of
> you without a flimsy sheet of paper to keep up with. A business
> card is easy to keep. 1500 for $15, give them all away, they
> don't work in your pocket.

Now I am planning on doing that... I was thinking of setting up a table
with some of my better stuff, just for display, and business cards there for
those who want to take one.

> I hope some of this helps. Your bottles are charming. People will
> love them.
> Elizabeth

OK, just for the record? That made my day! :-) (Esp. since I've seen what
you do, from your website!)

Thanks for all the words of wisdom! If I ever get to the place where I can
really try to make some cash from this passion/obsession, I'll know how to
really use this program for all it's worth!

:-) Rachel in Odenton, MD

> Rachel Campbell wrote:
> Hi all...
> I gave myself an interesting exercise this month...not quite the 100 mugs,
> but instead 90 little bottles, each a little different although there were
> some variations on couple of themes. Wanna
> see?
> mEBA_zHeOmD
> Elizabeth Priddy
> Beaufort, NC - USA
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