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mug exchanges (was: 90 bottles/workshop sales)

updated sat 25 mar 06


Rachel Campbell on fri 24 mar 06

Thanks Noel!

And can I just say, one of the coolest things about the NCECA mug exchange
and the Stay-At-Home exchange as well, is the essential egalitarian nature
of it all. Noel got a Rachel mug, (much improved from the Rachel mugs of
even a year ago, but still...) Rachel got an awesome Noel teabowl, with
amazing texture, that to my eyes speaks of far more experience than Rachel's
8 years of throwing pots in the middle of the night in the few moments that
kids or job or house aren't demanding primary attention. And last year at
NCECA (amazing experience, btw), Rachel's effort went to Tony Ferguson,
amazing potter and photography expert, while Rachel in her first mug
exchange received no less than a Connie Christensen shino mug.

Personally, I think I received far more than I gave. In actual
value/quality, if not effort and heart.

But someday, when all that midnight throwing pays off, and I've grown into
an amazing clay artist (we hope), I hope that I'll receive a college
student's mug or a retiree/community clay space newbee's piece and enjoy it
thoroughly because of the community involved. And I hope someday some soul
gets half the thrill out of one of my mugs that I got from Connie's mug and
Noel's teabowl.

BTW-- the day Noel's teabowl arrived, I was flat out on the couch running a
fever (some kind of flu bug, I guess)... I couldn't even get up to go to
the door to get the mail-- sent the 3 yr old. I can't tell you what a treat
that package was in my pitiful state! I was laying there sleeping, cuddling
that pot like a teddy bear when my hubby finally came home. He just rolled
his eyes and said "I'm not even going to ask..."

:-) Rachel in Odenton, MD

> ------------------------------
> Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:55:45 -0600
> From: Noel Jensen
> Subject: Re: 90 Bottles/workshop sales
> Good job, Rachel! This is an excellent way of getting your name out there.
> Noel
> P.S. I may be biased. As her partner in the recent stay-at-home
> exchange, I'm the proud owner of a Rachel mug .