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surfing with helen bates - march 23rd., 2006 - usa, germany

updated sat 25 mar 06


Helen Bates on thu 23 mar 06

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Surfing with Helen Bates - March 23rd., 2006 - USA, Germany

James Kasper and Jim Kasper

James Kasper (Prairie Dog Pottery) (Tipton, IA, USA)
(Kasper's personal website Current Work consists of woodfired pottery
and sculpture, especially boats, boxes, and sarcophagi.)
(Note that this is a different James Kasper than the Clayarter Jim
Kasper of Jensen Beach, Florida.)
(Lots of zoomable images of James Kasper's work on view at the website
of the Hudson River Gallery, Iowa City, IA, USA)

Jim Kasper (Clayarter) (Kafka Studios) (Jensen Beach, FL, USA)
(Jim never mentioned it, but his studio roof was destroyed by
Katrina. He has a couple of photos of the ruined roof on his website.
Presumably he has had time to repair it by now.)

Gary Hootman (It's In The Hands Studio) (Swisher, IA, USA)
(Wood Fired Pottery, kiln building workshops)

Lilli Crites Flesher (Putney Craft Tour, Putney, VT) (Westminster West,
(Mentioned back in 2004 in another post, Lilli is now with a different
organisation and has a different web page.)

Clement Marot Hull) (Van Briggle Pottery, Colorado Springs, CO, USA)
(Clem Hull worked as a Master Potter for Van Briggle Pottery from 1946
until his death in 1965.) (Prior to that he and his father Walter
Austin Hull, wife Fran Hull, and sister Helene Mareau operated Hull
Santa Fe Pottery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.")

These next sites are in German, but require little ability to read the
language, being fairly simple and graphic but if you wish to try a
machine translation, here is the Altavista Babelfish translator url:

Handweberei Hinder (Gladenbach, Hesse, Germany) (German)
(Weaving and Ceramics. Ceramists: Ingeborg und Bruno Asshoff, Elfriede
Balzar-Kopp, Heiner Balzar, Dieter Crumbiegel, Else Harney, Beate Kuhn,
Horst Kerstan, Signe und Klaus Lehmann, Quillmann, Karl and Ursula
Scheid, Margarete Schott, Wendelin Stahl, Ernst Stauber, Hildegard
Storr-Britz) (Very strongly designed, professional work, for the most
part.) (Click "Keramik" to advance to the links page for the

Armin Cichos collection (Germany)
(Another gallery of quality German pottery pieces, by some of the above
artists and others) (Artists: Jan Bontjes v. Beek, Otto Lindig, Stefan
Erdös, Alev Ebüzziya-Siesbye, Görge Hohlt, Uwe Lerch, Ernst Pleuger,
Almuth Kothe, Carina Brügmann-Gyamfi, Antje Wiewinner, Gotlind Weigel,
Margarete Schott, Beate Kuhn, Karl Scheid, Wilhelm Loth, Ursula Scheid,
Wilhelm Loth) (The link "Jugenstihl" is to some "Art Nouveau" pieces.)
(High Bandwidth)

Andreas Hinder (Germany)
(Large, humourous animal figures and installations)


Helen Bates (Belleville, Ontario, Canada)
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