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brushes and tracer/projector

updated tue 28 mar 06


Elizabeth Priddy on mon 27 mar 06

Jerry's artarama has a super deal on brushes.
On page 6 or their blowout blitz sale catalog, they show
"Master chinese calligraphy 18 brush set"
It comes with a stand for hanging the brushes, the
correct way to dry them. For 49.95. It is a really good
deal. I bought it a few years ago and about half the brushes
are excellent for painting and all of hem are good enough
for pottery and glaze. It is a remarkable deal. a great
variety of hair and textures.

And right next to it is a tracer/projector, which Kathy had asked
about a couple of weeks ago. For again, 49.95.

Jerry's number is 919-876-6610.
a good company that I am not affiliated with except as a customer.


Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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